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Art Yard Sale!

Art yard sale! To help cover bills, I’m selling off some original art (and advertising some limited run prints). Some of the prices have been discounted from my previous vet bill sale!

To make a long story short, my kitty boy needed a couple of vet visits–don’t worry, he’s fine–so I’m selling some original art to help pay the bills. (more…)

When I decided to get back into miniature painting, I did some research into different storage methods for paint. I was keeping them divided between two Reaper Miniatures plastic boxes, but it just felt inefficient and awkward. My research pointed me to Battle Foam and their P.A.C.K. system of bags.

I eventually decided on the P.A.C.K. 216 paint loadout bag with three Vallejo paint trays (I use Reaper Master Series HD and Scale75 paints in dropper bottles).


P.A.C.K. 216 bag with my Cryx patch added.


I’m usually quite shy about showing the process of a drawing, but I’m working to change that.

This past weekend I attended Death Salon: Getty Villa. I’m a tremendous fan of Death Salon, and I had never been to the Getty Villa before, so it was quite the experience. This was my third Death Salon, and it definitely surpassed expectations. As happened during Death Salon: San Francisco, I found myself keen on drawing by the latter part of the day.  (more…)